All the information you need about HB4FR

On the following pages you will find basic information about the club such as:

The Board of the club
Our QSL-cards
Our Awards
Our "Radio-Shack" (radio room)
HB9SPACE (our special call for activities associated with Space-Events)
HB9SOLAR (our special call for activities associated with Solar-Energy-Events)

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Board of the Club May we introduce ourselves... We are a dynamic team that has grown together since the Club was f...

QSL-Cards and Awards All about our QSL-cards and Awards

HB9SPACE All about our special QSL-card HB9SPACE

HB9SOLAR Learn all about our special card HB9SOLAR

Shack Our Club Shack gives actually hospitality to 2 clubs. It was built by the "Seven-Team", a group o...

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