HB4FR and the Swiss Air Force Museum "Clin d'Ailes

The Swiss Air Force Museum "Clin d'Ailes" was founded in April 2003 by the 5th Squadron (5ème escadrille) and "Espace Passion" (the organization that now manages the museum and brings together professional skills necessary for the maintenance and restoration of historic aircraft for exposure and flight). The Museum is located near the Swiss Air Force Base Payerne.

The founder members wanted radio to be a major element of the exhibition in the Air Force museum, set up by the amateur radio station HB4FR created by Herbert Aeby HB9BOU and his amateur radio friends working on the military air base. However, it was necessary to find an exciting link with aviation and this proved to be ARISS (Amateur Radio on International Space Station).

Swiss Air Force Museum "Clin d'Ailes" The Museum is located near the Swiss Air Force Base Payerne

The Club-Radiostation HB4FR

The club station HB4FR is operated by the « HB4FR "Clin d'Ailes" Swiss Air Force Museum HAM Radio Club ».

The club, which is a member of USKA (Union of Swiss Short Wave Amateurs, see the page "Links"), is part of the museum organization.

The Clubstation Club-Chairman Herbert, HB9BOU in the "Morse fever"

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