What is Amateur Radio?

What Amateur Radio is not: Citizens' band Radio!

Very often, the Amateur Radio Service is confused with Citizens Band Radio (CB radio).

CB is used in many countries for all types of private, non-commercial radio communication. In general, CB does not require a license and, unlike amateur radio, it may be used for business as well as personal communications.

While they may be known by other names, such as General Radio Service in Canada, they often use similar frequencies (26 to 28 MHz), and have similar uses, and similar difficulties with antennas and propagation. Licenses may or may not be required, but eligibility is generally simple.

The frequency band available and the maximum output power are therefore very limited.

The Amateur Radio Service

In contrast, amateur radio operators have passed an examination leading to an authorization to operate on the “Amateur Bands”. They all have the ability to communicate across the country, around the globe, and even with astronauts on space missions.

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Berti, HB9SLO operating the Radio Station HB4FR

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