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You are now on the English section of the website HB4FR "Clin d'Ailes" Swiss Air Force Museum HAM Radio Club Payerne (Switzerland). Thank you for having selected your language.

Who are we?

HB4FR is an Amateur Radio Club, which is directly linked to the Museum of military aviation “Clin d'Ailes” in Payerne, French speaking part of Switzerland.

The club displays interesting Swiss military aviation radio communication equipment, amateur radio equipment, and also runs an amateur radio station.

Our goals

Our objective is to interest young people, but also a wider public in radio technology, and technology and science in general.

How do we reach our goals?

We provide the secondary schools (colleges) all over the country with the necessary technical infrastructure to prepare students to take part in the ARISS (Amateur Radio on International Space Station) program. This entails students preparing themselves in various scientific branches such as math’s, physics, geography etc, as well as languages, for a radio connection with an amateur radio licensed astronaut on board the ISS (International Space Station). Using up-to-date radio amateur techniques, we let the general public taking part through medias such as the Internet, radio, TV and the press.

Image/Abbildung/Picture: ARISS-GYB - (Student having radio contact with Astronaut Thomas Ritter; in the background Astronaut and Club member Claude Nicollier, HB9CN)

With primary schools in the area of Payerne we organize every year in the museum a so-called "Space Day ", as part of the international "World Space Week".
The children deal with various issues of the keywords "Space" and "The Universe" and present their work statically and interactively to parents, guests and visitors to the museum "Clin d'Ailes".
The "Space Lesson" with our illustrious member, Astronaut Claude Nicollier (HB9CN) during the preparation phase and the debriefing are highly popular with the children.
Each "Space Day" ends with a short wave radio contact with a French-speaking school in Africa or the Middle East, of course trough a resident radio amateur. The children work out a set of questions which each of the other answers. We can tell you: that's a real hit!

Image/Abbildung/Picture: Payerne Space Day at the Museum - (here shortly before the radio contact with the United Arab Emirates)

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