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"Fox hunting"

What fox hunting and amateur radio have in common

Geräte für die Fuchsjagd

HB4FR organizes together with radio amateurs from the cantons of Fribourg and Vaud so-called "fox hunts" for primary- and high school classes.

All students in the canton of Fribourg have to accomplish once a year a march, which can be combined by this fox hunting.

Of course, the students do not wander around with hunting rifles in the woods, but with radios. The following definition explains to the uninitiated, what exactly is being done.

The pupils and students do fox hunting with enthusiasm. All participants discover a fascinating facet of amateur radio. Incidentally they learn also what are EPIRB (radio beacon). Last but not least, the physical activity comes not too short!

[Here you may learn more about Amateur Radio Direction Finding]

Radio Amateur Fox Hunting: a definition

A beacon is prepared

The term "fox hunting" is not only a term used by the hunters, it is also common among the radio amateurs.

In amateur radio, fox hunting is about to search small hidden transmitters with the help of radio direction finding (radio-goniometry).

These transmitters are known as radio beacons. The amateur radio calls them fox. The stations are equipped with an unidirectional antenna and operated in the short wave and ultra short wave amateur radio bands.

Who find all the "foxes" (radio beacons) first, wins.

Lately, the term "Amateur Radio Direction Finding" (ARDF) is becoming more common.

Fox hunting event