HB4FR "Clin d'Ailes" Swiss Air Force HAM-Radioclub


Nous voulons intéresser les jeunes pour les sciences, la technologie et la radio


Wir wollen die Jugend für die Wissenschaft, die Technik und den Amateurfunk interessieren


We want to interest young people in sciences, technology and radio



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Special call "HB9SPACE"


Drawing of a third grader from Cugy [FR] for the "Payerne Space Day"

Our Club has an amateur radio license for the special call sign "HB9SPACE".
We use this call sign for special events related to space research, space exploration and space travel, such as the "World Space Week".

Usually our presence with HB9SPACE on amateur radio bands will be announced in advance over the most important radio amateur information channels.

All QSO with the radio call sign HB9SPACE will be confirmed with a special QSL card [click here to see the card].

There is now available an Award in bronze, silver and gold for three, four and five contacts with HB9SPACE in different years and during the World Space Week. [The diploma, how to apply and the ordering instructions are shown here].